Friday, 30 March 2018

Tips To Make Gift Giving Thoughtful And Special

When people give gifts they want them to be creative, tasteful and thoughtful. Sometimes the person giving the gift has no idea what to do and becomes stressed. There are a lot of great tips from presentation to etiquette detailed below.

The Presentation
Inspiration for gift wrap can be found in the artwork of kids, food packaging and junk mail. Unusual materials often make the best gift wrap. A traditional card is not necessary. A great card can be made from paper left from a scrapbook, old cards, envelopes from junk mail or by tying a ribbon. Most retail stores have nice gift bags for a couple dollars. These can hold multiple gifts and be reused. The gift can even be placed in a nice silk or linen bag inside the gift bag. Cloth gift bags, candy boxes and treasure boxes also make a lovely presentation.

A special card can be made from an old calendar. Draw a heart around the persons date of birth and it makes the perfect wrapping paper or card. Gifts with an odd shape can be wrapped in tulle and tied with a nice bow. A gardening bucket with a ribbon tied to the handle is sensational. Putting the gift card in a balloon prior to blowing it up then tying with a ribbon is a lot of fun. The most important thing is to make the gift thoughtful.

What to Give
Most people will tell you what they want if you listen. A DIY gift is creative and thoughtful. Teachers will love a chalkboard frame with a special note from the child. A local delicacy is always a good choice. An experience is an amazing gift and does not create clutter. Gifts appropriate for everyone include expandable vases, whiskey stones, letterpress coasters, electric wine bottle openers and herb growing kits. Many charitable organizations offer gift catalogues throughout the year and this also helps people with the donation.

Gag and unexpected gifts are always appreciated. A handmade gift shares emotion, inspiration and a special story. A donation in the person's name to a charity the person believes in is a thoughtful sentiment. Gifts are not about the dollar amount but the intention.

The Etiquette
A gift does not have to be big to be wonderful. A small thoughtful gift will always be appreciated. If an invitation says no gifts bring a bag of Cheetos because everyone loves them. Giving something special like a family heirloom such as china or jewelry is sensation if the recipient is considered carefully. A bottle of wine or some flowers arranged in a mason jar also makes a nice gift. A gift card is easily combined with a certificate to a yoga or spa studio and a bottle of water or lotion. Last minute gifts are possible with an email certificate. Anything meaningful and thoughtful will make an exquisite gift.

A master gift list is necessary to keep track of budgets and gifts. Purchasing for the hardest person first takes off the pressure. If time runs short there are retailers that both wrap and ship gifts.

Whether you choose a healthy, green gift, a sentimental gift or a thoughtful gift the gesture will be appreciated. You can even save money by making gifts yourself and the extra gesture will be noticed.

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